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Sell your books

Not bought books from us but want to sell ? Enter our Sell-books page. Follow these steps:

  • Enter Books
  • Get a Quote
  • Confirm Sale
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Partner Program

Whether you are a large learning network, content site or blogger, we have program to meet your requirement and help you monetize your traffic.

  • Bucketbolt Partner Program is a very unique & efficient affiliate program
  • We provide you with a customized Bucketbolt API which gets integrated onto your site.
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Student Brand Manager

Want to gain some real time marketing experience? Then Bucketbolt is the right place for you. Stand apart from crowd while in college. Learn :

  • Why should you be a student brand manager?
  • What are we looking for?
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  • I never knew buying and selling course books was so easy. I don't have to step out of my house for this task now. Thank you, BucketBolt

    Pooja Menon
  • The website is very fascinating and it also appears to be highly intuitive from student point of view. Entire details about books at one place makes it easy for any student to browse through the lists. Selling of second hand books from our home is another exciting feature of Bucketbolt.com

    Siddhant Doshi
  • The search section on the website helps us to sort our books according to our stream and semester. Another feature I liked the most is the BB credits which we can store in our account for making any further purchases from Bucketbolt.com

    Tanvi Shah
  • I first heard about Bucketbolt in 2nd year of my engineering. Having dealing with it since the past 2 years, I feel very comfortable to buy and sell my books from the ease of home, not having to travel book shops to make the transactions. I feel it is one of the best e-platform for books and novels.

    Anusha Iyer
  • The highly interactive UI design of the website makes it comfortable to browse through various sections.

    Ninad Ramade

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